Adventure Travel Expo in Seattle statistics

October 15th, 2008 Terri Berbena-U'Ren

Melanie Flavin of the Adventure Travel Expo in Seattle had some great news to share as a follow up from the show; 


New Traveler Survey Shows over 70% will maintain vacations in 2009


“Now, more than ever, the tourism industry needs to strengthen its ties with buyers while nurturing new prospects and investing in new tourist markets.


Like most of us I am sure you’re thinking about how new economic realities will affect your ability to maintain a strong customer base. 


Just this week we surveyed consumer attendees of the 2008 Adventures in Travel Expo (ATE) and found some surprising results.


First and foremost, the ATE attendees are a hearty travel bunch.  Over 90% declared that their vacations are “Extremely Important” or “Very Important” to them, with 94% stating they will not forego their vacations in 2009 despite the economic downturn.


ATE Attendees are also very well traveled with over 63% taking 2-4 trips in the last year.


Strikingly, 70% will be taking the SAME number or MORE vacations in 2009.  


And, only 2% of our surveyed consumers have no plans to travel over the next year.


That’s good news for the travel industry and Adventures in Travel Expo’s Exhibitors!


However, the current economic climate will affect how and where these travelers will take their vacations.


76% of respondents are more likely to take less expensive vacations with 64% looking for better travel deals to help finance their vacations.


So what does this new information mean to Travel Providers?


Firstly, there will still be plenty of U.S. consumers looking to take great vacations in 2009!


But, successful travel marketers will need to stress quality and value.  Seasoned travelers will continue to spend on trips, tours and vacations, but they will increasingly examine all aspects of their itinerary and look to maximize value with economic AND emotional return.


The most important thing travel marketers can do to solidify their business in the coming economic turbulent times is to make sure they stay in front of these high value travelers.  Marketing dollars need to be selectively spent on reaching those consumers that are most likely to buy a trip.


Adventures in Travel Expos are America’s travel shows.  Over 375,000 active and adventure travelers have attended our shows over the past five years in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Seattle.  ATE attendees spend over $273 million on travel each year.  These are proven result oriented events and the largest series of shows in the USA.  In fact our Los Angeles Times Travel and Adventure Show is the largest show in the country!


As a matter of fact, Ruth Daly at Travelscene said about our shows recently:


“Adventures in Travel Expos have done it right again!  We made a booking worth over $50,000 for a family we met at the Seattle Show in September!  Another winner in our books!”           


If history is a teacher, then we can expect consumers to tighten their expenditures and increase their demands for high value.  But one thing is clear, even in economic downturns people still take their vacations!


Where will these resilient travelers go in 2009? 


That’s up to you. 


So the question is…is a $273 million dollar travel marketplace worth your time?”

Adventure Travel Expo-Seattle, WA

October 15th, 2008 Terri Berbena-U'Ren

Adventure Travel Expo-Seattle


September’s trade show adventures started in Seattle with the Adventure Travel Expo. This is a one stop marketplace where consumers and the travel trade find thousands of travel providers offering unique vacation options and travel opportunities.


Attending the show representing Adventure Sports Online and OutdoorMind gave me the opportunity to look at not only what is new and exciting in the travel industry, but a chance to speak with many of the exhibitors to see if they had any marketing or website needs! I actually ran into a few of our clients while I was there.


One of the other aspects of the show is to attend the many seminars with world renowned speakers. I was able to attend the seminar that Philippe Cousteau, Co-founder, President & CEO of EarthEcho International held on Saturday. Not only is he a great spokesperson, but his dedication to his foundation is inspiring!











Another great seminar was “Extraordinary Adventures for Anyone” by Shannon Stowell,
President of Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA). Shannon was promoting his new book
Riding the HulaHula to the Arctic Ocean, a Guide to 50 Extraordinary Adventures (I am excited to say that I have a signed copy and can’t wait to read it!).


The third seminar I thought sounded interesting was “Wandering Women…Planning Your Next Great Adventure!”
The Moderator was Beth Whitman of Wanderlust and Lipstick and the on the panel were 3 really well traveled women; Pam Mandel (Nerd’s Eye View), Mary Jo Manzanares (The Seattle Traveler / Fly Away Café), and Chris Mackay of Crooked Trails. They all spoke of women’s traveling solo in foreign countries and not to be afraid. They offered great tips and advise!


As the show ended on Sunday I also had the opportunity to take some of the above mentioned women’s advice and spent some time discovering Seattle. It was an incredibly beautiful day there and I had no problem being a single women explorer for the day…..I’ll add a few pictures of my day’s adventures!

August Trade Show-Outdoor Retailer

October 8th, 2008 Terri Berbena-U'Ren

           The trade show season is upon us and I decided to do some traveling over the next 2 months to see what’s going on in the outdoor industry. Outdoor Retailer is held each summer and winter in Salt Lake City. Outdoor Retailer is the trade show venue of choice for the Outdoor Specialty Industry. Companies both large and small converge to show off their new products for the year. If you’ve never been, it can be overwhelming!


I arrived mid day the first day of the show and took my time wandering the aisles wondering where to begin! I started by visiting one of our clients Byer Of Maine in their booth. Byer Manufacturing is the oldest supplier of folding cots in the country and have been supplying comfortable camping furniture for over a century.


Next, a stop to say hi to Tim Rosenhan who owns Innova Kayaks. These, inflatable, folding colorful kayaks are really cool and portable. Visit his website and check them out!


The next day I decided to get down to business and visit the section where all of the new product companies were displayed…well, not really a section. There are so many new companies they had to put them in the old Delta Center (where the Utah Jazz play). I found some really great new products…..ChicoBag, Rickshaw Bagworks, BornFit, Mistymate, GoGaga (my favorite), BagGames, Spibelt and Adventure Babe just to name a few.


Evenings are spent at Industry parties networking and having fun. The Industry party was held at the Energy Solutions Arena, formerly known as the Delta Center where Rusted Root performed. There was a Badminton Tournament, food, wine from Redwood Creek (this is the coolest website!) and lots of fun was had by all. The next day it’s back down to business and a flight back home.


Next up….Adventure Travel Expo in Seattle.




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