People Behind the Scene

March 29th, 2011 Terri Berbena-U'Ren

People Behind The Scenes

Terri Berbena-U’Ren~

I have now been with the company since 1998, 12 years! I can’t believe how much change has taken place over the years and I am always humbled by the clients who have literally been with us since those first few years in the late ’90′s!

My passion is still customer service and working with clients one on one to create beautiful, well thought out, and beneficial websites. My duties most days include some administrative work, marketing our own brands, keeping up with the latest and greatest, enews blasts, an occassional glance at my Facebook page, proposals and much more…basically wearing multiple hats just like you do. That’s why we understand you so well!!!

My day begins with a 7-minute commute to our new downtown office in the heart of Sacramento, CA. I loved working from home, but it was time to relocate the desk…besides downtown Sacramento is in the heart of the business district with lots of cafes, and parks all within walking distance. I plan on commuting by bike as soon as spring arrives!!

Spare time is still spent cycling and soccer, my favorite sports! Rafting, of course, is high up on the list as well, just not able to get out on the river as often as I’d like to.

I have two adult children, Morgan and Christopher, and a little princess of a grandaughter, Jenna.

Layne Evans~

Also a long time member of Adventure Sports / OutdoorMind, Layne became my business partner in 2007.

He does like to stay behind the scenes, but he really loves to chat with clients, especially when there is an issue to troubleshoot…that is where he shines!

Assorted Support Staff and Contractors (which we could not do without their support!)

There’s Sammy who lives up in Eugene,OR…a master at WordPress, SEO, MTN Biking and just a great guy to hang out with.

Miriam is the programming wizard of our family, living part of the year here in California, and the other in Moab. She and her pal Molly, the puppy, love to go GEO Caching, and Molly is an agility dog extraordinair!

New to the team are Arthur and Maureen. Their talents can be viewed in three new website projects launching spring 2011.

Last but not least are Gary and Shay.

Gary brings to us his exhuberant personality and passion for anything Social Media related, and you’ll see his work on our Facebook and Twitter posts.

Shay is 6’4″ (or thereabouts, really he is just very tall), and his ability to work up and anylize a mean SEO Benchmark Report is amazing…this guy just loves reports and spreadsheets, a real bonus and addition to the team!!!


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