Bad motor scooter

August 20th, 2012 Terri Berbena-U'Ren

Have you ever had a song playing in your head for hours?  Days?  Right now, Sammy Hagar’s tune Bad Motor Scooter (and ride) is in mine.  I’m sure it was wishful thinking.  Motoring for over 30 hours straight does that.  The monotonous drone hour after hour with literally nothing to do is decidedly un-scooter like and definitely not bad.  Its also not healthy.  Your mind has free reign to delve into wild scenarios that, although plausible, are remote.

We needed some horsepower found on this site.  And quick.

While describing to a co-worker what I was doing for my vacation, I was asked in deadpan fashion … why?  At the time, I responded with my typical “because its there” response.  But my free-range mind of late was asking the same thing.  The answer came in the form of a steady breeze from the south.  Wandering minds now become focused.  We tweaked this, ground in that.  The boat came alive along with three giddy sailors.

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