Dark and stormy

August 20th, 2012 Terri Berbena-U'Ren

The last two things my wife says to me before ending her watch are “its wet out there” and “happy anniversary”.  I refrained from a smart alec remark about it being wet.  And no, I didn’t forget.  Earlier in day, overcast skies with little sprinkles (or pissers) kept us alternately opening and closing hatches.  More of an annoyance than anything.  The night was especially dark as the overcast had shut out most of the light from the stars.  However, it was still possible to see dark patches in the sky.  A good thing considering what was next.

With the light wind we’ve experienced the last couple of days, the priority has been to just keep the boat moving.  This leads us to steer the boat to always maintain the wind on the beam.  Sailing this way means you’re not always going in the right direction.  Our heading varies from east (good) to north (less good).  I mention this because our squall wasn’t your tropical, intense, exit left affair that racers seek out.  It was a more extended, gentlemanly, controlled boost that had the boat moving like a freight train for well over an hour.  A few taps on the autopilot was all it took to smooth things out when it got rowdy.  I never did see our speed as I was trying to stay dry under the dodger.  I still got soaked anyway.  Not only was the night dark and stormy, but it was now cold and clammy.

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  • Jenni Says:

    Hi everyone! Sounds like youre having so much fun! Happy Anniversary indeed! And Guess what? I’m engaged! Jeff proposed to me at the top of this beautiful mountain peak at sunset! So happy. I love you guys!!! See you when you when you return. U rock btw!!

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