Smellin’ the barn

August 28th, 2012 Terri Berbena-U'Ren


Bequia has the bit and is charging hard for home.  Over the last few days we’ve experienced our longest run of good boat speed and, more importantly, heading in the proper direction.  Currently @ 0100 hours PDT on Saturday we are 220 NM from SF.  The living conditions aboard have been challenging.  This is mostly due to the sea state but also because skipper has run out of smokes.  I’m unsure if smoke-free is a good thing right now.  As I noted earlier, the motion of the boat is uncomfortable acheter levitra en france.  The seas are running 5 to 8 feet with occasional long-period rollers of 15 feet.  Moving around below, you must be very deliberate.  Your path and hand-hold locations have been etched to memory, but it’s still work.  Sometimes I just sit down for a rest.  Sadly, hanging out in the cockpit to work on my tan is out.  I would probably get wet anyway.

Latest projection for arrival is early Sunday AM.

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